Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time Sure Flies....

So, yes... I admit I have been a slacker on updating for a while now. I was reminded of this website and thought I would get back in gear.
Zachary is now 5. He loves legos, soccer, and star wars. Actually, the newest is Beyblades... "let it rip". Whatever happened to Thomas and Caillou??

Jacob, "JT", is now 3 and going to Preschool with Zac. He loves to follow Zac... so beyblades are his favorites too. He likes lego guys, and decapitating and rearming them. Yes, he likes to pull their heads and arms off :)

Monday, October 26, 2009



Last weekend we had a lot of fun with our family and our friends. Auntie Beth, Uncle Rick, Emi & Hannah all came down to enjoy a night at Scripps Birch Aquarium for Spooky night & then the next day off to Pumpkin Station for a fun filled day of pumpkin patch & rides galore.

Birch Aquarium Spooky Night

JT touching a squid with Emily & Auntie Beth Watching

JT & Mommy with all the fishies

Sleeping Beauty... or I mean Princess Emily!

Curious George (aka Zac)

Shark JT & Lioness Hannah Bear


Exciting news for JT (have to brag:) ). Thanks to auntie beth's hand me down Shark costume.... JT won his first contest. Such a cute boy, I must say so myself!!! He won the best infant/toddler costume for marine life at the Scripps Aquarium Halloween night!!! Daddy was there while he won his bag of treats... while mommy was running after Curious George aka Zac Attack.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Time passes by sooooo fast!

Well it has been awhile since our last post. Lots has happened. We had a nice summer visiting with family here in California and even took a venture to Florida to see the Turcotte's and Mickey Mouse.


Zac attack is now almost 2 3/4 years old. I can't believe he will be three soon! He is finally growing a bit taller, but his brother is catching up fast. Our lil devil did extremely well on our plane ride to Florida this time, which was a blessing. Zac still loves Cars (95 as he calls it), Thomas the train, and yes.... he likes cinderella. He is being stubborn with potty training... he nows how but is like "NO". Ughhh.

He also will not let go of his green & blue blankets (he looks like Linus from the Peanuts). The thumb, not so much anymore. And now, we must fall asleep with "Cars or Nemo" Read along CD/book with a reading light on in his room & his cars in his bed with him. Oh and god forbid I forget to hit repeat on the CD player. He is still my stubborn, difficult boy who can flash his million dollar smile at you, say "momma i wanna kiss you... muah!" and then start singing. I swear he has me wrapped around his finger!


JT is getting HUGE. He is gonna over take Zac soon enough. He didn't do as well as Zac on the plane to Florida though. He wanted to get out! He had just learned to walk only 10 days before our trip... so you can imagine! The biggest change with JT, is that he is off to Daycare with Zac daily. Aunt Sue & Aunt Patty will now be our Perma Babysitters. The best part is the boys get to be together, which is nice!

JT doesn't have a blankie, no stuffed animal, no thumb. He has a pacifier, which is also 90% gone except when he is screaming or right at bedtime. He loves Cars & Thomas the train... pretty much anything Zac likes to do. Starting to talk to, and boy does he have a mouthful. The best is when he points to me and says "Mommy" quite clearly! He is still my sweet, easy boy who is a spitting image of Mike and loves to cuddle.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Jacob turns 1...

Last weekend we had a party for JT and Hannah, since they were both turning one! JT's Birthday was the 20th of June and Hannah's is July 10th. We had the party at Linear Park, right by our house here in San Diego. All in all, it was a good success. And oh how yummy he cupcakes and cakes that aunty beth made....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here comes Spring!!

JT & Zac enjoying a warm Spring day

Zac & JT playing their keyboard.... trying to share

Just a little update...

Uncle Rick & Zac

Zac trying to be like Charlie Brown with his football...

Zac attack & that thumb/ blanket- is that Linus???

Zachary has once again, fallen in love with Letters. He also really enjoys coloring, throwing footballs like charlie brown, and Thomas the Train galore.... especially Stanley. Zac is talking alot these days, some is clear, some is ??? He is also becoming more adventurous, but tends to continue to be a bit shy. Ahhh, he still can make everybody smile though.


Jacob had his 9 month appointment last week. He is in the 75th percentile now for height, but only 50th just sit and do "bamm bamm"... he will probably be walking before he actually finally gets it. He is such a happy little one, and easy to please. His favorite things are his brother, foooooooooooood, & eema (our cat).

Jake enjoying his Pancake- yumm!

JT concentrating very hard to crawl... not yet there

Hannah & JT will be celebrating their 1st brithday together soon!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Catching up!!

Hanging with the Boys...

So alot has changed since our last post. Mike traded in his mustang for a big SUV.... why? because I got a new job at Scripps and needed a lil help carting the boys. Apparently a mustang is not the ideal car for two rambuncious boys!!! You should see his new black betty though...


He continues to get more and more verbal. He leaves me messages on the phone saying... I love you mommy.... which warms my heart. He has started to try to ride his bike, and he is not doing too bad. He still is infatuated with the ABC's. Luckily he also likes Thomas the Train, Elmo, and now.... loves Snoopy & Charlie Brown!!! How happy that last one makes me!


The sunshine of our morning is seeing this big guy smile. He is still very lanky, and just got to sit up on his own. He is eating a ton of food (Up to 4 jars of baby food, 3 servings of cereal, and 24 ounces of milk)... did I mention he is also 3 inches taller than zachary was at this age. huh?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas at the Janczyk's

Merry Christmas 2008!

This year we decided to stay home for christmas and relax (as much as you can with two children 2 years and 6months!). Gramma and Grampa Whitehead & great Aunt Sue came to watch us open our gifts. And oh my goodness, what gifts we got!!

Zac got a train table with a Thomas train set, a super big keyboard, playdoh galore, elmo bookset, and a "95" as Zac calls it, aka a Cars lightning Mcqueen playcar.

JT got clothes, bibs, rattles, books, and a super cool tool chest with his own rattle saw, hammer, and wrenches to bite on. He also got some nike air shocks to help him in his bouncy spree. Because heloves to be in his walker, and to bounce bounce bounce!